Zenzadunk Fizzlebang is a member of the Wind Clan of Gnomes. A sailor for many years, he joined Groc Crocslayer and his first major accomplishment of note was successfully completing Majerius' Dungeon of Danger!

Here we are to tell a story
It’s about fey of a different kind
Cold and dark in their glory.
Beware if any one of them you find.
You’ll most certainly be sorry.
It’s not hard to provoke their wrath
For cruelty makes their sky starry.
Take care, should the Unseelie find you in their path
This story starts with a massive tree
She stands in the dead of winter
Overlooking the dark forest with glee
Her branches pristine without a splinter
Unlike her sister who’s light shines brightly
She’s shrouded in darkness and cold winter’s air.
Around her in the forest five saplings stood sprightly
Each a handmaiden pillars of unseelie flair.
The youngest of the saplings is an old smith
Once a servant of a different kind
Creating weapons for the tree forthwith
The recipient of these, the handmaiden he did find
He then killed her, the handmaiden and took her place
Dorin found a new power within him to his surprise
With an army ogres and goblins that filled the space
Of the castle of an Unseelie handmaster, the first to arise
And of the saplings, this one is the oldest
Praying on the dreams of the weak and the young
This handmaiden devours their dreams without notice
Her children are many and are often sprung
On those who are joyful and with a good heart
She is an Echo, a voice in the cold wind
Be wary of her, for to do so would be smart
Because her Unseelie malice, in your dreams you will find
This next sapling is an elf most dark
Her hair is white, her skin is black much like her soul
She controls armies of thousands of similar spark
Just a drop of fey blood is all you need to join her military stroll
Elves: high, wood, half, and full. Even dark elves join her ranks
All loyal to her, and her mistress the royal tree
From the highest mountains to the river banks
You won’t be safe as she hunts you with Unseelie glee
Surrounding this next sapling are fey of many kinds
Mischievous tricksters, hucksters and makers of deals
This handmaiden revels in trickery and playing with minds
She throws out the bait to catch your soul for meals
Beware and think on every word that you say
For every deal she makes with you is surely a trap
Words hold true meaning to this insidious Satyr-like fey
Hold fast to your wits lest you be dropped in her Unseelie lap
The final sapling is a trio grown together
Each of them fight over a single all-seeing eye
Scratching at their skin that feels like leather
With eye and spell in hand, your death will be nigh
These old hags revel in cruelty and malice
They will even dance on top of your tomb
The sisters three use the eye to look in their crystal chalice
What they see will make them cackle as it spells your Unseelie doom
High up in the trees where eyes observe from the dark
Is perched a great owl who's eyes bright yellow and see all
She is a fey of near equal might to the royal tree with its pristine bark
She hunts and preys on all that walk in with a mortal gall
Her beauty and grace is unmatched in the air
She moves like shadow, playing as if in sport
All who wonder into her domain is prey and will know despair
Kuro like the rest all reside in the Unseelie Court
-Zenzadunk Fizzlebang

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