An avatar of the first god Rithuxurrmorn, Xythrymaus was formed in the deepest part of the sea.
This new god is anger and frustration and annoyance, but whether it was created that way,
or merely took on those aspects after it was cursed with a frigid icy head and an equally intensely immolated tail has been the topic of much debate.

The dwarves of Brudell tell stories about their most distant ancestors being chased out of the desert by an angry freezing great wurm,
and most believe that the immense fortress the ancient dwarves created at the mouth of the Brudellian Pass was more to keep him at bay
than to protect the pass from the winds and sand.

The Dworcish army from Syla was chased north into the freshly burned forest by a ravaging wurm.

The Drow of Mt. Venica blame the loss of the city of Drex on the mass of freezing water which quickly filled the city and the
serpents which accompanied the water seemed to ignore both the cold of the water and the heat of the desert air.

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