Thori Bronzebrew

Thori Bronzebrew was a Frost Dwarf first introduced in the #rp_nerdonlyinn and a founding member of the League of the Lute. He is known for walking around wearing mainly pants and sometimes a kilt, as well as a dark purple almost black mowhawk, a thick braided beard down to his waist and a myrriad of dark blue tribal tattoos across his upper torso. He was a brewer by trade but also happens to be a totem warrior barbarian with an eagle spirit animal. Being pretty knowledgeable about the Ale's of the world of Avallore even treating the fellows of the League of the Lute to an impromptu lesson on the differences between several of the Ales of Avallore.

Thori is the son of Niamh Bronzebrew and__.

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Originally hailing from Crystala

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