Silverdust Village

Mt. Feryfellen is quite mysterious. Its been the subject of much discussion over the years,
or at least, the small settlement towards its summit has been.
Those that have seen it say there are no more than 5 homes, each made from blue stone struck through with veins of silver.
It is thought that if there are any inhabitants, they must have mined the stone from somewhere inside the mountain,
as the exterior does not lend itself to that appearance.
Mt. Feyrfellen itself is just a singular mountain in the ranges of Arydia. From its summit, one is supposedly able to, on a clear day,
be able to see the archipelago of islands that are the Isles of Thwait. However, it is this strange settlement that draws travellers
(though none have ever been able to get close to it, so far up the mountain does it lay).
No inhabitants have ever been confirmed, but some say that every night there can be seen a light coming from the direction of the village.
And strangest of all, at least once a month or so, the winds howl down from the mountain and carries large flecks of silver, scattering them down its side,
coating the vegetation in a blanket of shimmering silver. These flecks come down in an almost perfect triangle, leading up towards the village.
So thick is this dusting that explorers sometimes find entire birds or small woodland creatures completely coated in the stuff.
This is how the village received the name of Silverdust Ridge, or Silverdust Village.
It is assumed that the silver dust is a byproduct of mining done inside the mountain,
though no silver has ever been found in similar excavations at the mountain's base.
Nobody knows much about the village, but adding to the other strange occurrences surrounding it,
there have been scattered reports that once and awhile, after a heavy rainfall a woman can be seen at night,
standing motionless on the roof of the smallest home, eyes turned toward the peak of the mountain,
her hair shining of the brightest silver, struck through with highlights of azure.

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