Rinwhin is but a humble bard who travels the world.

His stories are told everywhere, but no one remembers meeting him.

The most famous stories always seem to come from his retellings of events.

His most famous work to date is his version of the creation of the world.
The Many Deaths of Mike has also been attributed to him, but there are many who say it was penned by one who was named after him instead.

Everyone knows that Rinwhin travelled the world, but they don't realize all that he learned from all the peoples of the world.
It is said that he was able to learn the simplest magics from every culture.
After helping the orcs during the Wash of Flame, they taught Rinwhin how to call plants to his aid, lashing with vines or a slight gust of breeze.
While he was in Crystalla helping collect the Frost Dworcs from the destruction of Gustum, he learned to call Sacred Flame from the Clerics of Arydia and all the base evocations from Svinta, the Last Scion of Gustum.
It is said that if one gives Rinwhin a story he's not yet heard, He will give you the ability to learn these same spells.
Of course the first trick is to find him…

Now please all accompany me to this spot
It might feel weird, might tickle.. a lot.
It's never the same for those who come with
I rarely come here, with kin or with kith.
I need you all please, to recite all these words:

Welcome one welcome all to this year's big event!
What bards have arrived? Which bards have been sent?
To this grand competition to show the talent
Of bards new and old, Both mature and nascent.

For Zenzadunk, Adventurer's Guild's budding Gnome gent-
For Nolan, a HALF ELF! His fashion, he'll repent
For Finnegan Amberleaf, Kalik's torment (winkey face)
For Pixie, a FEY, now THAT's infrequent!

I will follow with a scrying while your wills are all bent
To gathering gegaws, learning just what is meant
by their various natures while they are lent
to you four young bardlings, but please, don't you vent.
To three separate merchants in town, you'll be sent.

You all will be scored by applause that's fervent
But also by keeping true to each segment
And rhyming you should not try to circumvent
And knowledge that shows to just what extent
that gaining that knowledge has been your intent
And if with a pun, your speaking, augment,
Your score with a bonus, you will supplement
And so, with permission, with all your consent
I, humble bard, am proud to present:

Zenzadunk! Grok's loyal follower true!
A Gnome from the wind clan! (A humble one, too!)

Nolan! The king of all insults they say!
Well mayhap we'll hear a few good ones today!

Finnegan! Halfling who thinks not with fists-
in curiosity's winds, does he twist!

And Pixie-Andr-Faerie's representative here?
Something's the matter, there's something just.. queer.
Is there something wrong? are you brimming with fear?
No matter, There's nothing to worry 'bout dear!

For in this great moment, I, Sir Rinwhin
Am proud to say: Let the Bard-Off Begin!

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