The tribal orcs are currently the most widely travelled of the races, though the Seafairy gnomes have begun expanding their influence recently.
The orcs have interacted with most of the races of Rithul and Uxerra.
Long ago, some orcs travelled as far south as the Carra River, meeting some dwarves from the Endless Shifting Desert.
Their progeny, the dworcs settled in the Pravus Gorge.
Some small tribes of orcs ventured into the frozen wastelands of the north, where they met the Frost Dwarves.
After some interbreeding, the orcs left their new children, the frost dworcs, to return to the warmer forests of central Rithul.

After some time, when the trees of their home gained intelligence, the Orcs began to worship the knowledge and wisdom of the oldest trees in the Grove of the Ancients.
Though orcs tend to be nomadic and travel all over the continent of Rithul, a small tribe of orcs remained with the Ancients as their caretakers and interpreters. They call themselves the Grovants

After two encounters with other races which ended in high tensions, orcs tend to be very isolated, mixing only occasionally even with other tribes of orcs. Only a small group of frost dworcs, and two Gorge dworcs are known to be allowed to come and go amongst the tribes, and none are allowed near the Grove of the Ancients, save by the Ancients' specific request.
Orcs can be surly, but observe some amounts of hospitality to strangers.
They treat their entire tribe as their family, but there have been instances of outsiders joining some tribes.
Rossac and Raddoc, two dworcish brothers joined the Raven tribe.
Three small families of frost dworcs were brought by the Grovants to live with the ancients.

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