Niamh Bronzebrew

All I did was ask her to take me to church.
She took me there, and outside, She tried to make sure I wasn't bringing anything dangerous into the church by trying to detect any magical auras I might have. Unfortunately.. little did she know.. SHE was the "dangerous thing" I was bringing in.
She noticed nothing about me, so we walked in, and as we passed the threshold, a faint ethereal music began playing. Everyone was very confused, but she must have though it was part of the ceremony.
Then, she began glowing with a blinding white light. Everyone was forced to shield their eyes, and she stopped in the middle of the church..
Suddenly 6 Flumphs appeared next to her and immediately ran away from her blasting out a spray of stench, which caused the majority of the church-goers to get terribly sickened.
She turned to ME as if it was *MY* fault, and grabbed at my clothing, and suddenly *I* was on fire! So I dropped to the ground, rolling around to put it out, but she was stumbling around, setting OTHER people's clothes on fire, thank GOODNESS the pews and floor were made of CRYSTAL WOOD or it would've been REALLY bad-
THEN a FRIGGIN EYE opened in the middle of her head, and she looked RIGHT AT ME, and tackled me "FOR ARYDIA'S ORDER!"
And then she disappeared!
So I stood up, and the Frost Dwarves all started running away saying "Arydia appeared to us!" and then BAM she's back in the same place she was before, trying to tackle where I HAD been, but now there's butterflies and rose petals and everything but nobody can SEE them because she's still glowing with blinding light. So I slipped, and fell on TOP of her, but all of a sudden, she's a potted plant!
So I was laying there, on top of the pot, on fire, almost blinded, showered in flumph stench, with flower petals and butterflies all over the place, so I got back UP, and turned around to run because apparently my job was done. She turned back into a VERY UPSET Frost Dwarf, but as she was preparing to use some sort of spell, everyone around her turned completely invisible. I took this opportunity to run, but apparently I needn't have bothered, because as she decided to cast something ELSE, she turned into a sheep.

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