Mrrydin Vorran

Mrrydin is a frost dworc who was raised near Crystala by the frost dwarves.
Mrrydin found a home in their clergy, though his natural talents lent him more facility with the more destructive side of divine magic than the healing side.
Mrrydin is a member of the Adventurer's Guild, and one of the few to actually keep a regular journal as the Guild suggests.

Dear Adventurer's Journal,

I was told by the official's of the Guild to keep a record of my travels. So that's what I'm going to do. I was also told to write like I'm writing back home. I didn't want The Master to feel bad after she's been so kind to me, but it hurt just a little remembering I don't have something like that, But everything is alright! 

The Master gave me my first assignment! I am very excited and hope those I meet are just as kind The Master. I met them shortly after receiving my assignment. They wore a lot of tight fitting leather even though they were different shapes and sizes.There was Arden Hekino, Fink, and Xu Brew. When I heard the last ones name I thought I was being offered an ale! 

The Master said Fink was a Dworc like myself. I was very excited to meet one of my own kind, but when I met her she was nothing like me. or am I nothing like her?

The journey we were set on together was to meet a man; a smith and clear it out for him. We're suppose to meet him in a few days time.
Dear Adventurer's Journal,

We met the smith today. He was as kind as I had hopped, but he was hurt! He says we need to go capture him some lava slugs for materials. It's too dangerous for him which is why he called us. I was all too happy too help. Xu tried to haggle something more from him, but we got these cool lava helmets. I hope I get to keep one when we're done. I also healed the smith before I left. I hope it helped.

When we get to the cave I hope we'll be greeted by whoever lives there. It's said to be an old Dwarven cave so there's no reason they shouldn't be nice right? If I'm nice to them, they will be nice back.
Dear Adventurer's Journal,

They were not nice. There weren't even any Dwarves! I should have known when Fink got hurt. I thought it was very smart to protect their home, but we were trying to help! How rude is that? We were greeted by these scaley creatures instead. They attacked us on sight. The nerve of them! I was being perfectly polite. I even knocked a special song for all to hear! But we had a job to do. I didn't like having to kill them. If only they had understood that we were going to be nice to them. 

When we dove deeper we found lava slugs that were not lava slugs. I'll get to that in a minute. What I found interesting was the statues that we found down there! I knew these were Dwarven caves, but I didn't know that Xythrymaus was worshiped here! I wonder what drove them out and why those scaley things were there.

We had a job to do, but one of those lava slugs that were not lava slugs hurt Fink! Fink is like me even if she doesn't look it. She had fire breathed on her, it stopped my heart to think the only other Dworc I've ever met could die like that right in front of me! I mustered my strength and charged across the bridge, praying that it would hold me. Even if it didn't I had to try. I was there to aid my allies. I had to save Fink. Soon after I healed her we needed to retreat. I was fortunate enough to draw it's attention away from them for just a moment so that we could begin our escape.
Right as we almost got across the bridge that 'thing' flew after us and collapsed the bridge under us. Xu made it across, but Fink wouldn't have. After all my hard work I was not about to let Fink die. I was thankful she was smaller than me otherwise I would not have been able to save her like I did. Grasping at her clothing and throwing her to safety. Because of this there was no way I could escape the lava. It scared me, but It wouldn't have mattered. I helped, that's all I wanted to do. That's all I needed to do.

The lava was hot and melted my armor and my shield. The only reason my mace survived was I was holding it above my head. I was scared. I should have died, but I didn't. If it wasn't for the kindness of the smith I don't think I would have gotten out alive.

I had to throw my armor and shield away and run with stone chest in hand. I wanted to fight that basterd... Sorry for the language, but this 'thing' hurt Fink! I hope one day I will return and show them the Might of a Tempest Cleric.

Until then I hope I will be able to help more people too. Maybe I can talk with Fink more...
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