Halflings had only just begun to learn the art of storytelling in thier small villages in the mountains on the northwest coast of Arydia
when the first dragon came out of the mountains, freezing and slaughtering them in their homes.
They reacted in the only way they knew how: fleeing in all directions. Many were chased down and caught, and still more succumbed to the perils of the world.
The few that remained escaped into the Haridry Desert.
The years that followed were harrowing and deadly for the small tribes of halflings, but they grew to rely on each other for everything.
Each halfling teaches every other halfling both the stories of their past and the skills to survive their future.
The art of Aroln gives halfling warriors an edge over the larger enemies they frequently are forced to face.
When the dragons came again, decades later, the halflings were able to kill all seven that attacked them.
Their success gave them the confidence to reclaim most of the villages they fled from all those years ago, but they have yet to regain the numbers they once had.
Some villages, like Silverdust Village high in the mountains are still lost to them.
As the years went on, the halflings spread south into Aglammen Forest where they first met the elves.

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