Traditional gnomes, descended from the Fey, tell stories about their Fey cousins in the rain forests of southern Rithul.
The oldest gnomes tell stories of when they used to frolic among the trees, testing the animals to see which ones ran fastest.
The Fey enjoyed the gnomes' games for a while, but they got bored while the gnomes tried each animal against the others.
The gnomes continued to study the animals and soon began to study their surroundings more closely.
As they learned more about their environment, the gnomes spent less and less time frolicking with the Fey.
The gnomes began to explore, and eventually met the dwarves in the Obscurra Mountains.
In Brudell, dwarves and gnomes embraced their common love of logic and learning and created a house of worship for learning and information.
The University that the gnomes started is both a repository for knowledge as well as an experimental laboratory for new ideas.

The gnomes tend to be very analytical, and enjoy experimenting with anything. They'll try anything twice, because the first time could have been a fluke. This makes them gullible in general, but they hold grudges only for the worst offences: withholding information/results, and apathy towards knowledge.

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