Elvish civilization began in the Aglammen Forest.
Elves befriend the naturally occurring plant-creatures and treat them as pets.
Arydia teaches the Elves how to care for the land and their pets.
The Elves found the city of Isendell on the site of their greatest conquest over the invading dragons.
Elves encounter halflings and disapprove of their combative nature.

Elves judge each other's status by their plant companions' abundance or lack of flowers.
An elf with a very flowery plant companion has been very generous, and therefore is granted the favor of the nature spirits that elves worship.
An elf with a plant companion that is barren has been very selfish, but barren plant companions are more resilient than the flowering alternative.

There is a tale of an ancient bow, said to have been that which protected the elf who gained the very first plant companion on her journey through the mountains.

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