Dworcs are the sneaky result of crossbreeding between the dwarves of Brudell and the Orcs before they started worshiping at the Grove of the Ancients.
They very closely resemble the goblins which are considered pests in most of the known world, but tend to be much more intelligent than those pests.
As a result, dworcs are frequently underestimated. They retain the shorter stature of their dwarven ancestors, and the greenish grey coloring of their orcish ancestors.
Their culture developed under the disapproval of both orcs and dwarves, so dworcs learned to be very stealthy and learned well how to hide.
They made their home in the Pravus Gorge just south of the Dranian Sea, and Syla, their main city, is concealed in the walls of the Pravus Gorge.
Their excellence in disguise and stealth allowed Syla to be completely unharmed when Dragons swept over the world, leaving dworcs safely ignored.

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