The oldest stories come from the dwarves of Brudell in the Obscurra Mountains.
They say that their ancestors fled the Endless Shifting Desert with the great serpent Xythrymaus close behind.
In the caverns beneath the great desert, they followed the trail of stars into the mountain range which would become their new home.
The dwarves' abilities with stone and architecture began with the great wall which kept Xythrymaus from following them through the Brudellian Pass.

The dwarves have spread throughout the Obscurra Mountains and north into the Rachis Mountains.

Dwarves tend to be oblivious to the world around them until they have awareness forced upon them. They did not realize other races existed until a tribe of Orcs met them in the mountains near the Pravus Gorge.

Nikolai's Bearded Stones! (Curse of frustration/amazement)
Braved The Storm (reached adulthood)

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