The Ales Of Avallore

Frost Dworc Ale 'Coppercoat Ale,' Is pale in colour and has a bitter taste.

Frost Dwarf Ale 'Bronzebrew Ale,' Is Dark Red in colour, has a sweet malty caramel taste and is really strong %,

Gnome Ale 'ThistleBlast Ale', Is a light golden yellow colour with a subtle bitter tang,

Orc Ale 'DarkWolf Ale,' Is a Dark brown colour and is slightly thicker than the others but has a surprisingly light, sweet and somewhat refreshing taste. It's also really strong %.

Dworc Ale 'RockHand Ale', Is a Dark Brown almost black colour and has a sharp bitter taste to it.

Dwarven Ale' Bitterbraid Ale', Is A pale Orange almost Yellow colour, it has a light, sweet and refreshing taste.

Halfling Ale 'GoodbarrelAle', Is a Dark Brown and has a slightly sweet nutty flavour.

Elven Ale 'Quidan Grove wine', Is more of a wine than ale, it has a sweet malty taste with a hint of pear and some citrus fruit you can't quite put your finger on.

Human Ale 'Greenwing Ale', Is a deep brown colour with a mild bitter taste, it's the least flavoursome of the lot,

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