The Ales Of Avallore

Frost Dworc Ale 'Coppercoat Ale,' Is pale in colour and has a bitter taste.

Frost Dwarf Ale 'Bronzebrew Ale,' Is Dark Red in colour, has a sweet malty caramel taste and is really strong %,

Gnome Ale 'ThistleBlast Ale', Is a light golden yellow colour with a subtle bitter tang,

Orc Ale 'DarkWolf Ale,' Is a Dark brown colour and is slightly thicker than the others but has a surprisingly light, sweet and somewhat refreshing taste. It's also really strong %.

Dworc Ale 'RockHand Ale', Is a Dark Brown almost black colour and has a sharp bitter taste to it.

Dwarven Ale' Bitterbraid Ale', Is A pale Orange almost Yellow colour, it has a light, sweet and refreshing taste.

Halfling Ale 'GoodbarrelAle', Is a Dark Brown and has a slightly sweet nutty flavour.

Elven Ale 'Quidan Grove wine', Is more of a wine than ale, it has a sweet malty taste with a hint of pear and some citrus fruit you can't quite put your finger on.

Human Ale 'Greenwing Ale', Is a deep brown colour with a mild bitter taste, it's the least flavoursome of the lot,

'Stargazer Ale', has addictive properties for Frost dwarves where when intoxicated turns them from usually friendly happy go lucky drunks into aggressive angry drunks looking to pick fights at the smallest spark. It is a particularly tasty ale with a spiced flavour,

'Old Regal', an aged and refined Dwarven ale from ages past…… quite possibly the best ale you will ever allow yourself to drink,

SevenStars Ale, made from, amongst other things the tongue of a basilisk, it has a smooth almost velvety taste to it which disguises the firey kick as it hits the back of the throat… theres a taste I can't quite place… it's not unplesent… it's like how i'd expect rocks to taste

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